Answers to some frequently asked questoins...

Q: What happens during a typical therapy session?

A: It’s tough to say exactly, as we tailor our sessions to meet the unique needs of each individual client.  Generally, you can expect to sit down in a safe, caring, and nonjudgmental environment to discuss the aspects of your life that you may be struggling with.  You can read more about our counseling process, and how we take an active solutions based approach to counseling here.

Q: How do I know if therapy is right for me?

A: Therapy can help individuals suffering from a number of different personal issues.  If you are having a tough time overcoming any difficult personal circumstances or frequently feeling overwhelmed and stressed, counseling may be right for you.  If you are still unsure if counseling can help, you can contact us directly with any questions here.

Q: What makes Reflections Counseling unique?

A: We take an active solutions based approach to counseling and use our time with clients to develop a set of obtainable goals that will help ensure effective counseling sessions.  These goals give our clients a clearly defined set of steps they can take to start making progress, even when they are out of our office.

We also offer faith based Christian Counseling as well.  Many of our clients come from strong Christian backgrounds, and find therapy which reflects their religious principles facilitates the counseling process.  However, we offer caring, understanding, and personalized therapy to clients from all belief systems.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: We accept most PPO and PPOM providers, and Dr. Thomas Kelley accepts Blue Cross and Medicare.  We will also personally call your insurance provider, to verify your coverage status, if needed.

Q: What hours do you schedule sessions?

A: We schedule appointments for the hours between 10am and 8pm.  Telephone and videoconferencing sessions are also available.

Q: How long does it take to until I can have an initial appointment?  Are free consultations available?

A: We are always welcoming new clients.  We offer a free 15 minute consultation, which can usually be scheduled within a week.  To set up your consultation, you can contact us here.

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