Our Counseling Process

Counseling Services in Troy, Birmingham & Rochester Hills, MI & Surrounding Areas

Our counseling process begins from the very second that you contact us.  We will work with you to schedule an appointment that fits into your busy schedule, and that will allow you to make the most of your session.  Once you come in, our goal is to sit down in an understanding, caring, and non-judgmental environment to discuss the issues troubling you.  Through in-depth discussion, we first look to understand you as an individual, and then identify the root of your problems.

What makes our service unique is our solution-oriented approach to therapy.  During our sessions we will examine your past and current situations, while at the same time crafting a plan for your future that will allow you to overcome whatever the source of your problems may be.  This proactive approach is designed to help clients at their own pace, and ensure that our time together is used as efficiently as possible.

After we determine a plan that will aide in your healing, we will break it down into small, incremental and obtainable goals.  When you leave our office we want you to know exactly what steps you can start taking to maintain a proper balance in your life again.  We realize that this is much easier said then done, but as mental health professionals, it is our passion to help our clients gain the perspective and insight necessary to empower themselves throughout the healing process. 

Why Counseling

Most people will go through periods of time where they feel out of control and powerless against the circumstances of their personal lives.  These feelings can make even the easiest tasks feel extremely difficult, especially with the hectic nature of the modern world.  They can leave an individual feeling overwhelmed, and make happiness seem like an almost unattainable goal.  Counseling is one of the ways that an individual can overcome these obstacles, and begin their journey toward a more balanced and manageable lifestyle.

While the root of these negative feelings can stem from nearly anything, some of the most common causes are as follows: past traumas, depression, loss of a loved one, financial instability, addictions, serious physical illness, or rapid and substantial life changes.

Our mission at Reflections Counseling Center is to provide all of our clients (whether they be an individual, couple, or family) a safe and trusting environment to receive professional therapy, and help them deal with the issues they are struggling with.  Our years of formal education and experience give us the proper insight to help our clients better understand their personal circumstances, and teach them healthy coping skills that will allow them to lead a more stress free and enjoyable life.

Healing for the Mind, Heart and Spirit...