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Dr. Thomas Kelley

Dr. Tom Kelley is a licensed clinical psychologist with 20+ years at Reflections Counseling Center. He helps individuals escape chronic stress, anxiety, anger and depression. Begin experiencing optimal mental health. Don't wait, start your journey to a happy life with Dr. Kelley.

Dr. Thomas Kelley

Thomas M. Kelley, Ph.D. is a Michigan Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has been practicing at Reflections for over 20 years. Tom works with adolescents and adults experiencing a variety of discomforting symptoms such as depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, low self-esteem, trauma, grief, and anger. Dr. Kelley is also an Emeritus Professor and researcher at the Emeritus Academy at Wayne State University. Dr. Kelley has written 3 books and has had over 100 research papers on happiness and well-being published in respected academic journals. Dr. Kelley is an in-network Blue Cross & Medicare Provider and accepts many other medical insurances.

“Dr. Kelley is extraordinary in his simplicity, clarity, and life-changing impact. Every physician, manager and employee who has worked with Dr. Kelley has been positively impacted by him. Their lives have changed markedly as a result.” Marsha Milburn Madigan, M.D.

“I am sure that Dr. Kelley will help you find more happiness, vastly reduce stress, and live a more rewarding, satisfying and contented life.” Roger C. Mills, Ph.D.

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