Michael Govan

MA, LLP, LPC, and is a Certified Therapist in EMDR

Michael is the owner of Reflections Counseling Center for 30+ years. He is a Certified Therapist in EMDR. He loves to heal people from their life traumas and has a wonderful conflict-resolution program to turn conflict into intimate connection. Let Michael help you in your healing process.

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Dr. Thomas Kelley


Dr. Tom Kelley is a licensed clinical psychologist with 20+ years at Reflections Counseling Center. He helps individuals escape chronic stress, anxiety, anger and depression. Begin experiencing optimal mental health. Don't wait, start your journey to a happy life with Dr. Kelley.

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Faith Harrak

Office Manager

Hello, welcome to our website! I am here to help make your starting process as smooth as possible. I have been working at Reflections for 24 years, where so many clients' issues have been resolved. I am honored to be part of your support circle.

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